>Hello. :)

>I feel like I have come full circle. The first time I came down to this island I was working nights on a turnaround. Here I am again, nights on a turnaround. This crap AIN’T easy anymore. Reason being this is sort of “my house” now. You know when you are in a hotel room you can relax because after a certain point there isn’t anything left to do. However, when you are at home after you finish A, there is always B to do. Wash dishes, do laundry, wash the dogs, sweep the floor, let’s face it, that list does NOT die. Always more to do. That analogy is exactly the same as when you are working somewhere as a consultant vs. working somewhere long term. The pile of things I have to do is so far from never ending that you can’t help but feel overwhelmed.
Enough of the bitching. Nothing I can fix tonight.
Right now I am wondering exactly how much caffeine will kill me? I think I may be dancing on that edge. **blink**

Home News
So, I have moved. I now have a spiffy house with actual rooms(!). It has been amazing. The dogs have a HUGE yard to run and play in (okay, they sleep…but still, if they wanted to they could run and play). And just this morning I saw Greebo (the cat) grab and kill a bird mid-air. So, he is settling in nicely…
Speaking of kitties…I got another one. I know, I know. They were going to put him down soon. and he was all sad…and young….and hell, this is WHY I don’t go to the pound. Anyway, his name is Pratchett and he is less into killing things and more into being adorable.
In the middle of the night 3 days ago I thought I was hallucinating about two white kittens…it turns out that two white kittens AS WELL AS one black, white, and brown cat keep wandering into my house. So, yeah…NO. I need a havaheart trap for Yule so I can get these strays fixed. I don’t actually know what to say about the fact that it seemed acceptable to me to hallucinate kittens…
Hope everyone is sleeping well. lack of sleep apparently means I cannot finish a sentence…

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