>nights nights nights…

>So, night shift….yeah.
The first few nights were rough…things are settled down into a routine now.  The contractors who are down to help are pretty good.  Wise, fun, decent IHs.

But people, I am tired.  Like, soul-weary.  I *need* a break.  I need a break off this island for a bit.  I still love living here, don’t get me wrong, I have just spent a very long time without a break.  Incident after incident after audit and then straight into a turnaround.  My timesheet said I worked 71 hours last week…I miss being a consultant.

Remember my boss?  He got promoted out of our department and while I have a certain amount of “yay” for him; I have a hell of a lot of “whoa” for me (us).  The amount of work to do; the amount of stress and
 I am still not an employee of the refinery.  Not that this is all bad; there are a couple perks I enjoy that employees don’t have.  But at some point the “busting my butt to become an employee” became resentment. Not a whole lot of resentment; I just wonder if the day comes I get the magical job offer if  I will be happy; or just a bit weary.

This place is very much a testing ground; the “wild west of industrial hygiene” where you aren’t worried so much about the little stupid stuff and focus (as much as humanly possible) on actual hazards.  It is a lot.  And I’ve survived so far.

I just need a vacation.


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