>night shift…

>well, hello there.
so, ive been working nights and i think night shift makes me insane.
concentration is darn difficult.
and i feel like i will never catch up on sleep.
here are some exciting listed items for your reading pleasure:
1. ramen noodle is not food.
2. nothing is open when i get off work at 5:30
3. when you get a day off and you go swimming in the ocean you should not do so with your cell phone, car keys, dramamine, and $15 in cash in your pocket.
4. i can free dive pretty deeply for $15.
5. i do not have the self control to go to the animal shelter and leave without an animal.
6. if you visit me i will try to get you to go to the animal shelter and take an animal back home.
7. although i am generally considered crazy; there is always someone crazier.
8. i really like living alone; but i do get lonely.
9. right at this moment, i am hungry.
10. im apparenty allergic to orange juice; however i feel the need to test the theory, which is stupid, due to the difficulty breathing and the horriific itching and all….but if it isnt the orange juice then i officially let myself get so stressed out that my body basically said, “fuck it; im out” and tried to kill me. so for peace of mind; im blaming the juice.

gnite ya’ll.

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