Dear Sir or Madam,

Im incredibly sorry. And depressed. And kind of thinking about quitting my job because I can’t fucking understand how insanely political this tiny fucking island in the middle of fucking nowhere is. Also…yeah, I know I ended that on a preposition. But a lot of people here DON’T fucking know that. So yes, I AM smarter than a lot of people (dumber than others) and my brain NEVER STOPS RUNNING A MILLION MILES A MINUTE. I even think in ALL CAPITALS MOST OF THE TIME. My marriage…which is a laughable joke of a marriage anyway, is falling apart. I didn’t get fucking hired at this godforsaken sinking ship of an oil refinery but I did get a contract extension…maybe, it is not like I have signed anything and December is about 2 days from being over, but whatever. Who knows? Certainly not me.

And due to this insane amount of stress and just plain me being me—I made a sarcastic comment at the wrong time in the wrong place and again, just want to fucking give up.

So now I am googling “business apologies” and crying.

Today…not a good day.

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