Happy New Year!

Hey folks.  I did nothing too exciting and nothing sexual for the new year.  But I’m in a very good place.   A new year, a new zen. 🙂 
I’ll admit it! im boring. I went out to a delicious dinner last night around 7pm, stopped at the grocery store, came home and watched some tv before conking out a litte bit after midnight.  It was peaceful, relaxed, and gosh darnit pretty good. 
this morning i woke up and took a walk with some friends down to the beach.  they brought their 2 dogs and my 2+foster came along as well. 
foster dog, i should tell you all about foster dog.  His name is Goofus George.  Almost 2 months ago my mother, sister, and I went to the animal shelter. I caught a glimpse of 2 emaciated tall black dogs and asked my friend who works there what was their deal.  She told me they were pure bred coonhounds who were owned by a police officer and that the shelter wasin court trying to get him in trouble for abuse of the dogs.  They had been tied in a field and pretty much left to die.  Every single bone was articulated through the skin and she told me that they were both heartworm positive.  I looked my friend dead in the face and said i would care for one of them.  I knew i couldnt afford nor have the space for both, but I could help one…
time went by and both dogs rebounded back into health, gaining 20 to 30 pounds each and still remained underweight.  the court case completed and the police officer was told he could have the dogs back (!!??) as long as he provided receipts for dog food.  He never came to pick them up.  I picked up this sweet boy last thursday.  He is a challenge, and goofy, but most of all he is sweet.  We are learning everything for the first time incuding what its like to be fed all you can eat, what its like to sleep on soft things, what a leash is, the list goes on. 
I don’t really have the time, the money, or the space for this boy…but I couldnt just let him wait in a cage to be put down after spending all his short life before that starved and unloved.  It is bad enough I could only take the one.  But, every little bit of good I can do hopefully inspires other little bits of good.  Love you all!

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