If there is a drug out there that could remove my personality…well, more specifically remove my excess personality, calm me down, remove my anxiety, and allow me to be articulate and productive should I take it? I don’t feel depressed, I don’t feel anything really.  No ups, no downs…just beige. 
Yes folks, I have begun treatment for adult ADD.  I got in trouble last week at work and this caused me to rethink myself.  I have always staunchly refused to not be myselfat work.  Sure, I’m inapropriate, loud, obnoxious, think about sex all the time, get emotionally traumatized daily…but that is *me*.  Except this time a stupid little flippant comment really upset a lot of people and that caused someone I respect to have a lot more problems due to *me*. 
So, I’m taking my adderall.  It has all but eliminated my anxiety, I’m not wallowing in my own depressed thoughts. 
As I said to a loved Demon today, its like a personality muffler. 
I’m going to putter around the house some more.  Hope everyone is peaceful today. 

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