>Way too much

>Hey folks! Long time no chatty; things at work have been intense. We have a serious 1 step forward 2 steps back situation.

In other news I am now (apparently) an animal hoarder. I now have a whopping 3 dogs and I even have some cats. Sadly, Greebo has moved on. I cannot swear he has died because people have told me they've seen him; however I have not seen him in a Very long time. I find not thinking about it to be the solution there. In addition to three dogs I have a "guest dog". Guest dog's name is Freckles and he is the only dog around here bringing home income. I get "dog support" from my landlords. ~shrugs~ I think he is the best dog ever…but he was a little much for them. He's a snuggler, and lord knows I love a snuggly dog.

Life (my big girl) was found to have a thyroid problem and is now doing So much better on meds. I now share 2 of the same medications as my dog…specifically levothyroxine and meloxicam. Some people look like there dogs, some people develop the same medical problems (I guess…).

I'm losing weight. Primarily because I am now following a "food is stupid and I don't have time for eating let alone cooking and cleanup so screw it" diet. It is working out surprisingly well for me.

Tax season is 'acomin. Needless to say I'm petrified. All squirmy in my belly if I think about it to much. Everywhere I turn people are talking about taxes. Well, I'm gonna owe. And, uh…well yeah.

Oooookay. Time to talk about puppies or something. 😉

Love ya'll.


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