Public Service Announcement

Hey folks, just a quick note to let you know a couple things:
1. Sorbet is delicious. 2. If you slam a hard object into your cervix repeatedly and you have the thing where you have a lot of inside cervical cells on the outside of your cervix you will bleed.
Every. Damn. Time.
3. There will be smut this evening. I have been tasked with it.
4. I don’t so much like myself…have you ever had an infected cut? It hurts, kind of heals over trapping all that white blood cell (pus) goop. It looks better but you know deep down it’s a mess. So you pick at it, it hurts and drains, and then either re-infects or heals completely. Often this cycle will continue until it finally heals. Last night I drained the emotional wound (again). Am I ready to get a divorce – no. Am I ready to fully commit to my marriage and live without fulfilling my needs – hell no.

I’m getting there. I don’t yet know how…but I will be a whole person again someday.

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