We all start out that way…

We have a new contractor at work who is a very intelligent and very nice man.  While he is fumbling around here learning the system, the culture, and where everything is he has found plenty of things we haven’t fixed yet or completed.  Because absolutely everything he has found is perfectly valid–I have found it incredibly frustrating.  It is kind of hard to explain but I will try.  It’s like finding out a headlight on your car is out, but the car won’t start so why worry about the headlight? 
We have too much going on and too much to do for the number of people we have; and in this economy it will never change.  So I was trying to explain this to my very spiffy boss who said….”yeah, you were like that too”.  I thought about it and he was completely correct.  I was douchey.  Now I’m weary.  And jaded.  And we have a new guy…and he is douchey, but still kinda awesome.

So, sarcastic co-worker came back from his “I made a baby” leave and he looked at me yesterday and said, “WHY DOES HE KEEP FINDING THESE STUPID THINGS!!!”  And I finally got to say, “we are all douchey that way when we start”.  🙂 🙂 🙂

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