I hate this iPhone and a bunch of random.

I’ve been out of caffeinated diet coke for a week. It is not going well.
For any friends/family not on Facebook here is a small update on my life. I’ve been trying to write a big descriptive post with all the info and I’m going to be honest-I have no time.
Here are some of the high points:
1. I have a new job. It has been HELL. I have been having a really hard time with it. But I do have some hope of it improving.
2. I am still not divorced. I am waiting on Ex to sign papers. It remains stressful.
3. I am working 2 jobs trying to make money, but I don’t think I am actually making anything on the second job. Also, fairly certain I am making less money at this job than I was before. I am a shitty shitty advocate for myself.
4. Pets are doing good. Though they are not fans of me being gone most of the time.

5. I have a work iPhone. While Steve Jobs was quite an amazing dude (may he rest in peace) I just do not mesh well with the iPhone. I hate it. I much prefer my droid.

That’s about it. Nothing has been easy lately; but I continue onward.

Miss y’all.

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