I’m a special special person…

…let me count the ways.
1. I don’t drink enough (any) water.
2. When I’m completely overwhelmed with life events I stop taking medications which are very important.
3. When I am stressed out I ignore my body. “I have to pee,” whimpers my body–SUCK IT UP I HAVE TO CONTINUE PANICKING. I pee about 6 hours later. ~sigh~
4. These things combine together to cause me to get a UTI. Which I ignore and just keep getting more depressed and exhausted and I cry. A lot. Thinking I’m just more and more depressed.
5. It all finally occurs to me and I say to myself (again), “I need to be smarter about my body; I won’t let this happen again. Dammit”.

I was told by uber boss today that my obvious depression was “bringing him down” and that while I was doing great at the “quiet” plan he missed the happy smiles. He made a “psychiatric commitment” joke–that’s when I started trying to think it through.
….and that’s why I am special–*face-pillow*

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