I am so tired…

well, make that weary.  I am getting plenty of sleep but I am just…wiped out. 

I think there has been too much.  Too much to do, too much to worry about; just too much of everything.

Trying to remain positive when everyone around me is getting more and more depressed, more and more stressed out…just, damn.  It is difficult. I received an email today which said this, “I’m just messing with you….  You are very positive and fun loving, it’s refreshing…” and then I thought, wow, I’m doing okay.  Then I heard someone come into my office and talk to people about how he wanted to go see a dog fight (??!!?) and I kicked him out of my office…like, violently yelled at him to get the hell out and that if he needed something from my administrator he could wait the hell outside for it.  And then I yelled at someone who was late to a meeting.  And then I realized I needed to breathe.  And stop yelling at people (well, I could give a shit about the dog fighting guy–I’m going to yell at him again). 

Two women apparently almost got into a fight outside the refinery.  Tempers are short as hell and the entire world appears to be losing their shit. 

This is not really a very insightful posting–but I shall keep you updated on how this closure is going down. 

Much love,


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