5 days: 3 hours: 25 minutes: 43 seconds…..

My heart is pounding.  I just received an email from my attorney regarding how long my ex has to respond before he can proceed with my divorce.  I have so much stress (so much) that I am not sure any longer whether I am losing my mind or if there is nothing left of it to lose.  Everything is so open ended and scary.  But now in 5 days: 3 hours: 22 minutes: 58 seconds I can move forward.  One thing can be finished. 

Then it’s time to work on the rest of my crap which needs doing.

Wish me luck. 

…and yes, I have a countdown timer on my phone.  The two coundowns I have are this one (obviously) and the one which is counting down until the refinery closes.  hmmmm, maybe these are not so much helping the stress levels, eh?  

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