Monday’s Plan

So, I have been trying to figure out a way to include my kinky stuff…but without shoving it down folks’ throats (edit: there was no pun intended; I swear–but I was re-reading this and my accidental pun made me snicker).  So, I think I am going to password protect any of the kinky/smutty posts and to receive the password you have to follow the blog or message me a request…something like that.  I shall keep you informed. 🙂

Regardless I hope everyone had a happy weekend.  My work ethic has been destroyed…this long slow painful ridiculous death of a closure has changed me in a way I wasn’t expecting.  My “don’t give a shit” has increased and my “fuck you” is off the charts.  Why? Because I let it change me. I always (ALWAYS) put myself last.  Whether not stopping to pee, skipping lunch, giving my evenings, weekends, hell…even my health came after work.  However, after finding out all I gave meant nothing and that I will be given nothing (not even a thank you) for how much I cared I realized that shit needed to change.  So, this week’s motto is “me first”. 

That’s right world, I am going to take care of me.  dammit. 

That said, I am gong to go pee now.  so there. 


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Plan

  1. That sounds like a plan. I am the queen of “no, I don’t need to pee, let’s keep driving” on road trips and I once finished my shift at a kennel despite having a collapsed lung, because it was unfathomable to me to skip out on my shift, even if I could barely breathe.

    So here’s to a more realistic “me first…at least most of the time” for both of us.

    Also, shoot me the password to your protected entries if you’re comfortable. Nothing shocks me and I don’t judge, lest that be a concern. 🙂

    • I sure will send you the protected entry password. 🙂 Just shoot me an email to and I will reply with the password. 🙂
      Thank you for the comment; this blog is still getting the other two blogs squished in. 🙂
      Have a great day!

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