April Fools Day.

Damn April Fools Day–totally not a fun day for someone working as a Safety person.  I just fell for a fake “vehicle accident” text.  ~sigh~ Every year this day manages to sneak up on me.  This is probably karma for calling my mother at 4AM every April Fools Day while I was in college telling her I was pregnant; but damn–it was funny every. damn. time.  I don’t know what it says that now I wouldn’t be able to make that call to my mother because #1.  She would be thrilled if I got knocked up and #2. I would have to hurt her feelings to say….April Fools.  😦  So, yeah…this day–not my favorite. 

Yesterday I trained people (drag your minds out of the gutter folks; it was work training).  The training was in confined space and I had this huge rush at the end where I felt like I had finally gotten through to them.  I was all gleeful and excited but then uber boss came in and was all yellish and screamy about how long the training was taking.  ~sigh~  I don’t know if this is going to work out…you know, staying here and working for uber boss.  He came back in and apologized which I felt was a good thing.  What will my future career bring?  Hopefully less foolishness. 

Happy Foolish Day. 🙂



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