Dammit – earwax?

Okay, we are all well aware there is a screw or seven loose in my brain, yes?  Some of you may even know my strange affinity of remembering obscure medical randomness.  Now, I am sure that I was supposed to have learned more than this weird earwax factoid in the last week–alas, last night I spent a not insignificant amount of time thinking about the fact that earwax-type production is genetic.  The dominant gene produces the dark brown sticky kind but the recessive gene makes a more gray crumbly type of earwax.  WHY DO I HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE? This will serve nothing of purpose in my life.  Apparently the recessive gray crumbly earwax is only common in native americans and asian folks.  The europeans are more commonly sticky and brown.   What disturbs me more than anything is how easy this ridiculous bit of trivia is to remember; but for 3 days I had to use the dog door because I couldn’t remember where the hell I put the key to the padlock. 

shut up.  I know I’m weird.  ~sigh~

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