The saga of Mr. Herbert and delicious turkey.

Today I made a turkey. This involved thawing, rinsing, throwing into Dutch oven, and baking.  Really, making a turkey is way easier than I ever thought.  When I cut into it and was eating I dealt with the following watchful, hopeful eyes:


“can’t you tell I’m starving to DEATH food lady?  Look at Doodle for goodness sake! He was abused before you got him, ya know? We need turkey to soldier on.”


I finished my meal and began work on puppy-food.  Herbert, despite his obvious starvation, managed to drag himself into the kitchen to lay on the floor in the hope of a spare morsel of deliciousness. 


The poor little bastard can barely hold his head up. 


The rice and turkey are cooking for you little Herbert. Stay strong!

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