…and it is morning

Well, get up, slacker.
Get. Up.

Okay, I know I am awake, but I am (lamely) sore due to actually walking places rather than drive (shut up! If you say it like it is a concious “healthy choice” rather than  “completely broke and don’t have a car” it sounds better).  So I want to lay here on my comfy comfy bed.

It is truly amazing how much more comfortable my bed becomes when I have to get up. If I think of my bed as a weird passive aggressive entity it makes this process more understandable.  For some reason my imaginary bed entity has a bad french accent a’ la’ peppy la pue, “huh, huh, huh…you want to get up?  Well, try *dis* level of comfy…isn’t it nice. You know you don’t want to leave me.  Oh, you can sleep in this day?  Well, are my spikes comfy now?  I didn’t sink so…”

Alright, maybe I need to get up now.  ^sigh^
Have a good day folks.
^kisses & hugs^

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