Diabetes, you sneaky jackass!

I shall admit it, I’ve been a’slippin. I rarely test these days (because I am out of strips and strips cost $$$$$) and I have eaten my way through all of the candy I had stockpiled in my freezer. Why? Because candy tastes delicious, that is why! Have you tried it? Om nom nom nom.  Oh the yumminess. Now that I have devoured the sprees (favorite), twixes, york peppermint patties, and gummy whatevers over the last few days I have been home from Jacksonville please allow me to tell you the list of what the fuck is wrong with me due to the sugar overload: I hurt! my back (upper and lower), my ankles, hips, my fingers and toes, my shoulders.  Sleeping is almost impossible–it takes me hours to fall asleep. The sloth effect; I can lay still for hours and do very little.

So, why would I do that? Why would I eat candy if I know I was going to feel like hell? Well, if you have ever had food poisoning where you eat one thing and then are immediately sick and you never think of that food the same way again? Well, because these effects are not immediate my cute little brain doesn’t connect them; it connects CANDY=NOMMY & BODY=OUCHY.

So, just so ya’ll know I am in no way perfect I figured I would share this story.

Off to do stuff; before the ouchie overwhelms the living.



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