Yes. This.

Morning luvvies!

So, I haven’t been writing because…well, I suck. Okay, so that was the short answer; the long answer is something like I have been learning and doing a new job as well as healing. Yes, healing. After the January 18, 2012 announcement that my job was going to be gone and that the life I had carved out for myself was going to be very different very soon I sort of swirled down the drain of emotional stability. Yep, lost my shit. Too much all at once and while I still ‘ain’t right’; I’m s.l.o.w.l.y. getting better. Did I mention it was slow?

So, back to topic: I just read two news articles on slate (*heart* them). The first one was why aren’t women “lifestyle” bloggers writing about sex. The answer is…cause that is up to sex bloggers. We shall file that one into the ‘yep, knew that’ category. But the second one (I’m bouncing in my chair here, btw) made me say “YES!” loudly. It answered the question of why Rhianna’s interview with GQ was so darn depressing. Why? Because in her interview she indicates that she is getting back together with you know who because she is submissive. The article goes on to clearly state that submission is NOT being with an abusive person (YAY!); but having a celebrity state the opposite just sucks (true, it does suck). Feel free to read on your own:

Anywhoodle, I know this isn’t much. I can’t promise to write more…but I will on occasion probably write a few of the long list of post ideas I have been accumulating.

Love y’all.


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