Handy Tip – French Salad Dressing

Please note this is in no way a kinky post; but it sure as hell opens the door for a metric crap-ton of tossed salad jokes.

So, I have “developed” a lazy person’s way to make a very tasty salad dressing; the original version was taught to me by my Mimmi (paternal grandmother). I took her recipe and added slack. Enjoy.

  • Take one mostly empty bottle of ketchup–around 1/3 or 1/4 of a bottle (pro-tip: don’t do this unless you have purchased a new bottle of replacement ketchup or you will be SUPER pissed when you go to use some ketchup and all you have is french dressing).
  • Then eyeball how much ketchup there is and add a similar amount of sugar or substitute–if it feels like you are adding too much you are probably just about right–the original recipe was 1 cup ketchup plus 1 cup of sugar….so, yeah. I’m a diabetic, I usually use splenda. 🙂
  • Then dig up some vinegar–plain white stuff, balsamic (if you want it to taste balsamic-y), red wine, white wine, heck–even apple cider has been used. Whatever, vinegar. Put about half  the amount of your ketchup. So yeah, if you have a cup of ketchup–use 1/2 cup or so of vinegar.
  • Then find some oil–food based oils are preferred. 🙂 You know, olive….I have always used olive but be all sorts of crazy if you wanna. Throw a little more of the oil in the bottle than the amount of vinegar; not a ton more but more.

(just figured out why I never write recipes; please accept my apologies! 🙂 )

  • So, shake it up and use it if it tastes good to you. 🙂 This is red-french or catalina-style dressing. I find it tasty and oh so conveniently in a squeeze bottle. enjoy. 

(I am waiting for water to be delivered to fill my cistern and my theory was if I get super involved in writing posts it will show up more quickly; I appear to be wrong.)

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