And mah heart goes a pitter pat….

…, I wrote this for a person I was excited to get to know but he felt uncomfortable about it. Because I really did like him I took it down. But since I realized he has deleted and blocked me out of his world with nary a word I figured what the heck–it reminds me I am still able to get excited about finding a new playpartner. **kisses**

So, I’m feeling corrupt-y again. To be perfectly honest I haven’t felt this way in YEARS. For the past fewish days (after I got to see some old friends and really feel centered and beloved for the first time in many years) i have been feeling……well…..FROGGY.
The only way I can describe this feeling is froggy. Froggy, at least in the brain of me, is the what I call Life (the dog, not the concept) when she has had a whole anti-inflammatory rather than just a half. She gets that mischievous glint in her eye that says, “member when i ate the couch looking for my skeeker? Or member when I got a deer carcass through the dog door? Yeah, thems were good times.” And then wants to play fetch. Because she feels GREAT; she feels FROGGY.
So, my version of couch destruction and/or deer carcass yoga involves (apparently) talking “dirty” and/or showing someone my boobs online. During shenanigans of meeting with my friends an almost cartoonish picture of my boobs was provided to someone to be sent to their friend to “show him what he was missing” and “shock him” (important sidenote: my boobs were NOT on display as said party). Well, yesterday morning I shot off a quick message to the intended boob victim, something along the lines of, “sorry about the boobs”. Awhile later I received a reply which stated, “never apologize for boobs”. That made me giggle but awhile after that I received a, “what boobs?” message. That made me chortle and then we had ourselves a fun back and forth that lasted for hours and then phone conversation and then we video chatted. A lovely time was had by all. 🙂
So, I am greatly enjoying that magical rush that comes with the mutual attraction of a new friendship/playmate for the first time in a long time. While I have no idea what, if anything, the future holds; I do think any future Midwest trips are going to be a LOT more fun. *evil grin*
Now, who wants to fly me back to the Midwest to get laid? Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?
smiles & kisses y’all.

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