>my First Day

>I forgot. I did. I thought I remembered but I didn’t. Things take FOREVER here.
I began my day at the startlingly early time of 4:30AM. Made breakfast, fed dogs, washed dishes.
Took the dogs out even though they were wondering what the hell we were doing up. At 5:40 AM I was off,

Bumping down the steep road knowing that I had to get to the training before 7 AM or I was screwed.
So I went around the refinery twice (I am not known for my unerring sense of direction. šŸ™‚
And finally found the training place. Yes, I have been there before, but it was a long time ago. šŸ™‚
Anyway, arrived at 6:40, and at the crack of 7:30 the people who worked here started to arrive. *sigh*
Island Time. šŸ™‚
So I sat through what felt like 2 years of refresher training and then skipped off to get my card.
Received card number 1 no problem. The badge though, well, it turns out no-one put in a badge request. So,
I ran to Kmart and bought cereal. Then I went to a feed store and bought dog food ($67!!). Then I got ahold of
the boss-man and he called to check on the badge. Then, I came back to the badge place but it hadn’t cleared security
yet! So I am a’waitin.
Once I get the badge I’m going to go in and see the guy I am working for!

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