>grrrr!!!! internet

>So. I still don’t have internet. Hovensa is working on it, I’m working on it.
Someday, I will be able to post the stuff I wrote on my computer. 🙂
Just a quick note-all is going fairly well. I am tired, but that is normal after traveling and working.
I got my car yesterday, and it is beautiful! It is easily the biggest vehicle I have ever driven.
I LOVE it. I will write more soon, I promise.

2 thoughts on “>grrrr!!!! internet

  1. >I had a rented Wrangler until my leased vehicle came in. The leased Mazda Tribute I can drive into the refinery. It has a metric crap-ton of room in the back, the dogs like it a lot–but they still stand right behind my head and breathe on me. :P*hugs*

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