>January 5, 2009

>Hello everyone, I am sick of trying to type on a blackberry so I am writing a word document which I will post next time I am online.
Today was my first day at work; please note I am using the term work loosely. It was basically a lot of waiting around, talking to different people, and waiting some more. I finally received my badge after 3:30PM and then went to my boss’s office now that I had clearance to enter the property. He was glad to see me, probably certain that I had disappeared to go live on the beach somewhere. We chatted a little about the work I would be doing and I am not going to lie, I am excited. I will be working with what appears to be 2 very laid back nice guys. I heard that my name was mentioned in the morning meeting—here’s hoping I shall go on to impress folk. Tomorrow I will be setting up my laboratory (insert evil scientist here!)

I attempted to connect to the internet tonight and failed—so instead I went to the beach with the dogs. It was their first time ever seeing the ocean. They ran up to the water, took a lick, and looked at me with a serious “What the Hell!” expression. Then as a wave came up—they ran like fools. All in all, they were underwhelmed with the Caribbean Sea as it was salty and tried to get them wet!!! But, the sand was nice to dig in and poop on. And I am pretty sure I parked my jeep next to 2 people who were totally doing it! Yep, my dogs pooped on lover’s lane…I wonder what that says about me? J

Following the beach I met my downstairs neighbor at a bar—she needed a ride home and I figured I could celebrate my first day at work with a little rum. I also had some decently cheap pizza—yeah, I am pretty sure that the place was kinda dirty, but the pizza was not too bad AND I got to bring the dogs in. So far, the seriously high point of my trip was going to the beach and getting to hang out with my dogs at the bar.

My downstairs neighbor it turns out is not sleeping with the landlord, but not for lack of him trying. J At least that is the story I am hearing. My neighbor is totally batty and has more drama in her life this week than I have had in my entire life—but she is a hoot! And she danced on the bar and then fell off her bar stool. What more can you want in a companion at a bar?!?!

So, once I was home I settled the dogs down and came out onto the patio, lit a candle and wrote this story…it ain’t much—but it was my day.
Take care everyone! *Hugs*

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