>January 6, 2009

>Today was my first day at work…you know, real work. Well, again, there was very little “hard” work but I did set up my laboratory and clean it. Boy, was it dusty. And I got a TV, a co-worker had an extra one they wanted to get rid of, hey a free tv is still a tv even if it is not a flat screen. J
Today there was a fire at the refinery, and I was definitely aware of it—my office (lab) is located in the firehouse (picture a mechanical voice saying over and over again for a half hour, “fire, fire, fire in blah blah blah…fire, fire, fire….”) but unlike the last time I was here I was not sent out to the fire. I think they were trying to be nice to me on my first day, they said I would be sent out soon. For family members concerned, etc. don’t worry, it is part of the job—I would sample the firefighters and make sure there were no toxic leaks etc. Being stuck in the lab while everyone else ran around felt kind of lame. But field work starts tomorrow. J Although hopefully there will be no fires.

Well, in case anyone wants to visit my apartment I am going to give you the same directions I was given, ready? From Queen Mary Hwy you are going to head North on 64 which you take until 70 and then you head West (sounds normal so far, right? Wait for it) then you drive until you see a sign that says “Whim” on the left—it’s light blue and you can’t miss it. You take a right onto the next street. You continue going down that street until you see 2 stone pillars in front of you as the road curves to the left—you take a right at the next street. You continue down that road until you see a crappy chain link fence which connects to a better chain link fence which then leads to rocks on the road (this is all on the left), you take a right at the road which is perpendicular to the rocks. You travel down that road until you come upon a REALLY ugly light blue concrete wall with ugly concrete eagles on it which are painted to look like seagulls and you take a right (the wall is on your right) you continue down this crappy road which turns into gravel until you hit a row of mailboxes and then you take the crappy road to the right. You continue traveling up up up the deeply f’d up road and when it forks again you take the left fork…you then go and go and go until the road dead ends…there is my apartment. Welcome!!!

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