>Dear anyone coming to visit,

I know, I do it too. But just don’t do it. You think to yourself, it might get “chilly” at night. It won’t. You think, I will want to dress up–you won’t.
A this long sleeve t-shirt is painfully hot. Jeans, well, I wore them once. It could have been worse–I was in my truck which I air conditioned.

If any of you come visit bring the following:
1. money. cash and/or credit cards–not travellers checks. The stores here hate them. Most everywhere takes credit cards, but if the power goes out (happens all the time) they can only accept cash. So definately have some cash available.
2. tank tops. Preferably of the non-wife beater variety (they’re just not cute). Any sleeveless type of shirt is fine. I don’t care if you think your arms are fat…trust me you won’t care soon either.
3. shorts. cause well, you should wear something on the bottom.
4. Now, for those of you inclined, dresses and/or skirts are just fine as bottoms as well and can dress you up a bit.
5. Only half fill your suitcase. Your going to end up getting more crap. It just makes life easier if you pack lightly.
6. Allergy meds (or you can have some of mine) this place is full of mold and fifty-thousand other allergens.
7. patience. Nothing happens quickly, customer service is a bit of a sarcastic joke, and I cannot state this more adamantly–nothing happens quickly.

8. thin comfy pjs of the tank top/short variety and a bathing suit. It doesn’t have to be a pretty one. šŸ™‚

Now, do not bring the following:
1. heavy makeup. I have busted out some eyeliner and mascara once or twice. But if you put on a full makeup face you just look weird. And weird sweaty makeup running down your face ain’t pretty.

2. hair dryer. I don’t care if you normally spend hours on your hair. just give up. its the island.

3. jacket. just don’t. you don’t need it. I swear.

4. Polyester. I know, it doesn’t wrinkle–but seriously, you’ll die. It will just melt right onto you.

There are a thousand other things that I am sure I will think of. Remember, this is an island, but it’s not the middle of nowhere. You can buy pretty much anything you need on the island itself. And cell phone service (AT&T and Sprint only–verizon works here but it is approx. $1 per minute) is good everywhere except-well, my house. *sigh*

In case you are wondering what I am wearing at this moment in time: scrub pants and a sports bra. And thats only cause I am doing laundry and I have no shorts left. šŸ™‚


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