>blackberry update…

>So, I feel like I have lost an appendage. Maybe this break is good for me, maybe I spend too much time typing on my phone (don’t worry boss, not at the refinery–at home). Anywhichway when I meet people who tell me that they hate text messages, well, I finally understand why. I am currently using a craptastic flip phone which was a grand total of $19.99. I am happy to have it, I would be completely screwed without it. And since I am now an official member of the “Emergency Response Team” (doesn’t that sound way impressive? yeah, it’s not. Just means they can call me in for whatever–I do get a schwanky red badge though) I have to be reachable. However, trying to type words into this little flippy pain in the butt thing is HORRIBLE. To everyone out there who is “text-hostile” for the love of all that is holy–get a qwerty keyboard phone next time. Life gets a LOT more entertaining.

Dumbass Heather Move of the Week: My neighbor is out of town for the week. She caught me off guard and asked me to watch her dogs. I folded, and now my world is a great big pain in the butt of wrangling 2 extra (untrained) dogs.

2nd Dumbass Heathe Move of the Week: Dear Liver…, well, you know the rest. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Wednesday People.

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