>Thursday 01-09-2009

>So, there are 5 cops in my yard right now. With guns and everything.
No, I didn’t do anything, why does everyone always think it is me? I am really quite tame you know.
Yup, more neighbor drama…she has gone away for a few days. She asked me to feed and water her beasts–yup, I am too stupid to say no.
The landlord has told her that her dogs have to be gone by friday (tomorrow). Since she is not here he has spoken to the humane society as well as the police. They are coming to pick up the dogs. Apparently it doesn’t matter that they have food/water (provided by yours truly) because I am not the owner.
Anyway, they are gone now. I was called to assist because everyone else is afraid of dogs. That’s right, send the idiot in to deal with the untrained dogs…
but, since I deal with their stupid untrained furry butts daily, no big deal.

Life (my dog) was highly irritated with me being outside and her being inside–so she opened the door to let herself out. I had to tell her no as, well, I didn’t want her shot. So she backed her butt back into the house. Teak (other dog) took advantage of the distraction and stole Life’s bone. Good times were had by all.

So, the neighbor is supposed to be home tonight…I think it’s a 50/50 shot as to whether she shows up or not.

Work was good today, almost boringly normal.
Have a good night, I shall write more over the weekend.

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