>Better Evenin’

>I really have got to stop drinking so much caffeine with dinner!
Anyway, it happened. I kind of knew it would. You know, in the back of your mind there is that little voice telling you–perhaps toaster oven pizzas for dinner every night for a couple weeks is not the healthiest choice. But, in 7 minutes you too can have a crunchy taste treat…anyway, it kind of crept up on me. In my defense, I basically wear pajamas 24 hours a day. I wake up, take off one set of pjs and put on one piece coveralls. So this weekend I put on "my big girl clothes". This is not in reference to size in anyway, but is more of a reference to growing up and not wearing pajamas. Well, my jeans were tight. Not "lay down on the bed to zip them" tight; just sort of, "uh-oh, I've been living on toaster pizzas and wearing pjs" tight.
So after my morning toaster pizza (dude it was ALL I HAD) I scuttled off to the grocery store. "Vegetables, I need vegetables" I told myself, mumbling like a crazy person. So I bought some. And some fruit. And some super-colon-blow…I mean, bran cereal. I only stared longingly as I passed the ice cream-settling on plain yogurt instead.
This is not a big diet plan, this is "I only have so many clothes with me" plan. Besides, I was going to end up with scurvey if I didn't eat some fruits and veg soon!
For those of you unaware–yes, my husband did about 98% of the cooking. I REALLY miss him, I was quite the spoiled princess. 🙂
Goodnight ya'll

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