>Good Evenin’

>I can't sleep. I can tell you right now this is probably going to be a lame blog posting. I feel the need to give adequate warning before the great ramble of '09.
There has been a bunch of stuff happening. So much so, that I keep thinking about how I am going to write it out. Lately I have spent too much time thinking and not writing.
I am going to start with the not so pleasant stuff and then move on to embarrassing personal stuff which I am well aware is WAY more fun to read.

The truly craptastic news is that my company had to do a reduction in force and although this is unpleasant for everyone the hardest part (for me anyway) is that my favorite administrator was one of the reduced. This woman was amazing at her job. The office will never be the same without her. She was the first person to meet me when I nervously walked into my new job "in the city" and I actually thought she would never leave. I am not ashamed to say I sobbed my fool head off on the way home–it felt like the end of an era! Lisa, you are loved.

Well, that was depressing. But wait, there's more! (This stupid economy is bouncing on my last nerve!) The next happy-ass ball of news is that …wait for it…my budget may run out of money and I may have to go home early.
So. I'm pimping myself out (I'm sorry, promoting myself) to another budget in the hopes of a Hail Mary Play.
Don't worry folks coming to visit, I'm good through June.
I will let ya'll know more as time goes on.

Okay, so that's all the depressing stuff. I am going to make this one posting and put the other stuff in a new one.

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