>I don’t know…

>Dear everyone. I haven’t written lately, mainly because I have my husband in town and it is way more fun to spend time with him then time with my computer. I even turned in my timesheet a day late (I am going straight to accounting hell when I get back–hey, thats not a bad idea–we should lock people in trouble with accounting in a closet or something…waterboarding?) sorry, lost track there for a minute.
Anyway, everyone is asking, do you know if you are being shipped home? In truth, I have absolutely no idea. Neither does anyone else. Believe me, I have asked.
When (if) I find out, I will let everyone know. But for now, there is just no information. Some days it feels like I am here for the duration, some days, not so much.
The truly sucky part is I have absolutely no control over it. None at all. So I am just enjoying my time here day by day and really enjoying having my husband here. He is loving the water and does some snorkeling (and he free dives too!) almost daily. The dogs were thrilled to see him and everything is going great.
I love ya’ll, and I will write more (and be funnier) when I am alone and bored. I get damned entertaining when I am bored. 🙂

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