>My New Drink…

>Dear Folks,
Coupla new things, 1st off it is Sunday and my husband was supposed to go home today. However for the past 2 days he has been deaf in his right ear. So the airline recommended that he not fly, pay them a buttload more money to change his flight, and that we find an island doctor. So we have our plans for the next day or so….*sigh*
2nd thing, I invented a new drink. Wilkes named it the "Constipated Russian" and it is delicious!
Take one coffee cup, fill with ice. Add some cold-brewed coffee (my new favorite thing, seriously, google it–it has changed my entire opinion on coffee), then add some vanilla rum and some caramel baileys. Then top off with milk and more ice. Oh, the secret ingredient? 2 tsp of Benefiber. (Well, it's kinda like eating a vegetable.). Sure, the fiber is not required, but how else would it be a "Constipated Russian".
And thirdly, my Aunt and Uncle are on island (Yay!!) But they had a rough time getting out of Miami so we decided to meet up tomorrow instead. I can't wait to see them!!!!

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