>Boo Hoo Bunny

>Well Folks, what we have here is a Boo Hoo Bunny situation.
My husband is on his way home, I have a nasty cold that I got when we took my husband to the doctor on island (turned out to be an ear infection). But I was stuck sitting next to a woman coughing and oozing out of all her face holes. I joked, "great, now I gonna TB. Like Russian Prison TB."
So now I have a cold. Not like a sneezing cold, but a tight hacking cough someone kill me my lungs hurt-cold.
Yup, I caught me the consumption (this is a joke, I seriously doubt I have tuberculosis).
And Wilkes is gone. My house seems so empty. And big.
Yes. I am totally lonely, and am currently wallowing in my own misery (insert hacking cough here).
And then, when I was sittin here typing this up–i spilled my soda onto my phone!!!! I snapped it up and took it apart super quick.
Phew…nothin wet. I took it apart anyway to let it dry just in case. I put it back together and it worked fine. Until all my keys started typing different letters. (Eek!) So I took it apart again. This time putting it in a ziplock with some dessicant packs and some cotton balls. After an hour or 2 I tried again, success!
I'm driving into town to say goodbye to my aunt and uncle tonight–it has been great to see them.
Goodnight all!

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