>Happy Easter

>Good morning everyone, I hope you all wake up to presents from the easter bunny.
As most of you know due to my whiny post–i have a cold. But I am currently coming down from quite an adrenaline rush. Here's what happened: last night I took an interesting cocktail of cold medicines designed to let me sleep, not cough, and reduce the amount of goo my head is trying to drown me in. So, sleep I did. And while I slept my mischievous puppies worked on an Easter present for me! After my kidneys filtered the cold medicines and filled my bladder I woke up about 5AM and began the climb down to the bathroom. I didn't see it then, but after the lights were on–there it was!
A RAT. My puppies had killed me a rat.
Now, quite a few different thoughts came to me all at once. 1. Eeeeeeeeek!!!! A RAT IN MY HOUSE. 2. Okay, this shouldn't freak me out-I've worked with all sorts of Eeeeeek!!! A Rat! 3. This WOULD happen when Wilkes is not here. 4. Find the latex gloves.
So, I donned the gloves, covered it in paper towels, and bagged it up in a ziplock (gallon size–not a small rat!). Then I ran down and put it in the landlord's garbage cause I didn't want it in mine.
So, after one last Eeeek! And a few Ewwws. I scrubbed my hands, told the dogs they were good dogs (better dead rat than a live one I guess) and came back to bed.
So, I hope you all wake up to better Easter baskets than mine. (Ewww)

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