>March of the Millipedes


Hey folks, sorry I haven't written. I've been busy. :/ I still am not positive if I get to stay here through January. One day it seems very likely, the next I have my doubts.
But anyhoodle, its been raining a lot. In the midwest when it is wet like this all the worms come up on the sidewalks. Here, the millipedes climb the walls. There are Many millipedes. 🙂

One thought on “>March of the Millipedes

  1. >BTW: I was kind of waiting for a comment on–gee, Heather, why is the wall outside of your apartment painted 3 very un-wall-like colors? I forgot to mention that in my landlords haste to try to sell the entire house he has gone a little wacky with the paint colors. He won’t buy new…so, well, everything is getting painted a kind of fleshy pink, minty green, and light purple. *sigh*

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