>Friday Lunch…

>Hey folks, it’s friday. I have been a little busy of late. On Thursday and midnight I came back to work until 8 AM. It has kind of sped up my week and confused my sense of time. My dogs were horribly confused. 🙂
And I got to deal with my first (and I am certain not last) grumpy pain in my butt. Some old dude pitched a rampant fit and wouldn’t allow me to sample his activities. *sigh* I was pretty steamed about it at the time, but whatever, I cannot make people behave. I can only sigh loudly, deeply, and with intent. I did that often.

So, night shift at the refinery…good times. Brings back old memories of the last time I was here. night time is certainly quieter. 🙂
This weekend I have no plans. I am thinking if the rain stops to spend some quality time at the beach. It is nice to be 5 minutes away from a lovely beach. Other than that, laundry, a nap, and breakfast at the beer drinking pig on saturday is all I have planned. It is a darn fine breakfast out there. 🙂
Have a great weekend ya’ll. I will try to remember to take some pictures. 🙂

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