>I know.

>There is nothing so boring as reading someone say how they are sorry they haven't written more–that being said, people, I am sorry I haven't written more.
I have been swamped. Not with work, not with my husband being here (although both of these things take serious time), but I have been swamped in stress. I have been spending so much time panicking and worrying about the when and the if "they" are sending me back to Chicago that I have ceased enjoying what I have in the here and now. I am so lucky to have my husband here. I am so lucky to get to swim in the Caribbean sea every weekend. I am so incredibly lucky to be up in the coker unit and be able to see miles out into the Caribbean. I am blessed–and instead of embracing and loving my life I am clutching at it–fearful of letting go. So. As of today I am living my life fully, enjoying as much as possible, and unless something changes–I will be shipped back to Chicago at the end of September.
One step at a time, one day at a time.
With hope,

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