>Woke up this morning after being up most of the night with a headache. Blech. So in my infinite idiocy I decided to take a day off. That lasted precisely 2 hours and one bowl of spaghetti breakfast. Had some samples to complete on a rush basis. Seriously though, the spaghetti breakfast was *really* good.
Those of you who know me may be aware of my jovial nature (I know, shocking). The people I get along with best are, without a doubt, what my last performance review called, "blue collar workers" although I must tell you I feel creepy saying "blue collar" cause to me those are normal-type (ish) people and the folks in the dressy clothes with clean nails Freak. Me. Out.
Wow, okay, went of on a random tangent there. Back to my point, I tend to give a lot of the guys shit. In particular one insulator who brings me samples every day and talks about his yard with a bazillion kinds of local fruit; to him I say–bring me some dang fruit. I have been teasing him about this for a month. Well, today (the day I attempted to miss work) he did. So, besides feeling less guilty for missing work I also got a great fruity prize. My bounty included: 2 young pre-cut coconuts (1 gone), 1 giant soursop, 2 perfect ripe mangos (gone already), a few bananas, 1 sugar apple and approx. 10 carambolas (aka starfruit).
I am rich in fruit. 🙂
Goodnight folks!

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