>It. Is. In. My. Apartment.

>I saw it. I saw the little disgusting poops on the counter. I saw the telltale nibble into my granola bar wrapper.
But tonight. Tonight I saw my arch enemy! He scurried next to my fridge. I have set two devious (okay, really not all that devious–just ur standard mousetrap really) traps for them and, since my husband before he left hid the peanut butter in a place I could not uncover (his belly?) I bated the traps with pepper jelly.
Who knows, maybe they are fans of pepper jelly.
Anyway. The furry little pooping bastards is GOING DOWN!

Also, important tip. When your laying in bed and you feel a little something on your arm. Turn on the light and look before you brush it of. It is never "nothing" here. Bugs love me. And want to spend an inappropriate amount of time on me.
Goodnight ya'll.

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