>I'm having a bitter day. I am filled with bitter.
Here's the thing– Stupid facebook. I found a (stupid) guy that I had a (stupid) crush on from 5th grade (ooooh yeah, we are going back THAT far.) through 9th grade.
(Stupid) guy went and stayed cute (SO not fair–i've just gotten old) and we had a few nice messages back and forth and in his latest reply he goes on and on how he married the "woman of his dreams" and is living the "perfect happy life".
Don't get me wrong–i'm pretty freakin' happy myself. Happily married, good job, blah blah blah. But holy hell, anyone who spurns my youthful advances shouldn't be that happy with their life, right?
(Eek! I'm a jerk!) Just did my own therapy there.
Uh. Yeah. So. Anyway, the weather here is nice… 🙂
Beware of facebook!

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