>Mouse War

>I got home after work, showered, put on pjs, and settled in when my phone rang. Some people I know invited me out to dinner. Despite the fact that it involved me having to locate and put on clothes–I decided what the heck.
So out to dinner I went.
When I returned home I disrobed in the living room (oh the joys of living alone!) and went into the bathroom. As I flipped on the light switch there, in the sink, was THE MOUSE. Just sitting there, looking at me with a definite, "what's up? You were out late" expression. I made a frustrated noise sounding somewhat like the wookie from star wars and said, "don't move".
Oddly, it listened and I was able to capture the beastie in a pan.
Ok. Then the dilemma. Naked, no shoes, a mouse in a pan–no lid.
Opening the front door I flung him. He ran as fast as his little legs could take him.
Hope he was traumatized enough to stay away.

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