>Oh. My. Freakin’. God.

>seriously. SERIOUSLY??!!
Guess who waved at me this morning.
Yep. Mr. Freakin’ Mouse.

There he was, chillin yet again in my bathroom.
I should start using a sharpie on the little dudes to see if they are the SAME ONE.
Because I was able to catch it with the same pans as last night mouse.
And let’s be honest–how many mice can be that freakin’ stupid as to be caught by a half naked bleary-eyed human armed with only a saucepan and a frying pan at 6:17AM?? At least this time I wasn’t fully naked. I say that because I unwittingly inflicted my tank top and underwear-clad ass on my neighbors as I stomped outside with this morning’s mouse.

I am contemplating the poison route–however, around here that can really contaminate your water source (cistern) as the poison makes mice very thirsty before they die. And I am too much of a wuss to actually kill them when I catch them.

I know, but they’re fuzzy. and kind of cute. WHEN THEY ARE NOT CRAPPING ON MY COUNTER.

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