>Son of a…

>Last night in my slumbering happiness I heard the mousetrap go off. "Got One!!!" I thought triumphantly then proceeded to have bad dreams about a rat dying a horrible death.
All of it to NO AVAIL. Traps are EMPTY.

The war continues.

On to other news. My landlord is back on island because my crazy neighbor (remember? Kevin? Loony bin, etc.?)went back to Boston and my newer fun neighbors (who btw, keep feeding my dogs biscuits like they're fattening them up for slaughter. They feed me too…wait a minute…..:) kidding-they're awesome)will be moving to the smaller, less pricey apt.
Anywhoodle, I now know where the mice problem came from. Darn you Krazy Kevin!!!! The mice are running rampant in the apartment next door. It is very possible they hung out with him while watching television. It was only a matter of time before they snuck over.
Happy Weekend people!!!

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