>blah blah blah wah!

>I come to you today from a whiny place. Whiny is not funny, cute, charming, or adorable. But to that I say “Wah!”.
I have a cold. I have a ripped muscle. I have a job that will probably end at the end of this month. I have WAY to much to do and I say, Wah! and the wah is followed by a sniffle, a couple of coughs, and a host of other symptoms usually only found on a NyQuil commercial.

Today I spent most of the day merging pdf documents. Jealous, aren’t you? On the bright side it saved my leg (calf muscle) any extra wear and tear and in all honesty it is doing pretty well considering I was mostly unable to walk last Sunday.
Additionally, today I sat through a company-wide conference call. That is always an effective use of my time.

I’m sitting here, pretty comfy. I have the a/c on (expensive–but SO worth it) an ice pack on my calf, and the makings of a chocolate sundae for dinner. A chocolate sundae you ask? Yes. Because I have limited all of my (and the dogs’) food to things that can be kept in the fridge/freezer/mouse-proof bucket. The dogs are underwhelmed with this new plan.

If things go well and I get to stay here longer–I am totally getting a cat. Preferably some sort of battle-scarred angst-ridden mouse-hating cat that likes dogs. I keep picturing some sort of weird one-eyed biker-cat with leather and chains on showing up with a “Bring IT bia-atch!” attitude. And no, I don’t know why a cat with less depth perception would have better luck killing mice.

It looks like some mice have left me some more presents on the counter.
To that I say, “ew” and am off to clean my counters again.

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