>hey folks, this post has been really hard for me to write. But here goes nothing…
For those of you who know me, I am messy. I have been described as “like water” in that my stuff with stretch out and take up all available space. However, it has always been a fear of mine to be thought of as dirty. My house here in the rain forest–well, it is usally neat and clean. This is mainly due to my fear of the mice and cockroaches that fully inhabit the island.

So, after that preamble let me tell you what happened the Sunday night before labor day. I was sitting quietly, relaxed, reading a book. All a’ sudden I look up and there it is. A RAT. In. My. House. In typical Heather fashion I pointed and said “RAT” (I’ve also been known to point at other things and say their name, “Rock”, “Bird”, “Mouse”, and “Lizard” are all favorites of mine–I know this ain’t normal). Life (dog) was sleeping on the couch a mere 1 1/2 feet from said Rat and she rolled over and stretched (wtf?!?). To the dogs it was after 10 PM and therefore they were off duty.
The dogs woke up when I started tearing apart furniture and looking behind and under everything. No dice. The magical little beastie of doom seems to have disappeared.
The mice seem to be gone, but before they left they called in their big cousin.

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