>was I depressed?


Everyone I know (including myself) has been depressed at one point or another throughout their lives. This weekend, I wouldn’t have called myself depressed as much as coma-like. Sure, I accompolished a couple things–a load of laundry, scrubbing out the cat-box–but in general there was much couch-ville and hulu on a 10″ netbook screen.
I could easily blame this move-less-ness on so many things… but being completely honest I took a weekend of 2 mental health days; and it was awesome. Of course, by the time Sunday night came around I had that dreaded sense of, “oh no, I haven’t finished my homework,” but in all actuality I didn’t have any homework and I get that sense of dread every Sunday (damn you school homework; scarring me for life like that!).
The other thing I accomplished this weekend was cereal. I know that sentence makes no sense but keep reading. So, I read other blogs–I find some of them awesome, some of them are boring, and a good number of them just cease to exist. However, my favorite at the moment is 2birds1blog.com I find the girl named Meg hoo-larious. Well, she waxes eloquent about Kashi Go Lean Crunch a lot. Finally tempted into trying it and Sweet Baby Heyzus its delicious! In fact, that’s what I ate all weekend. ALL weekend. Did I mention this has like 4, 786% (okay, exaggerating–but it’s a lot) of your daily fiber needs? This all leads into:

Important Tips I Figgur’d Out Last Week

  • Do not go from a crappy diet limited in fiber to eating nothing but fiber-filled cereal. This causes “issues”. Issues that, while hoo-larious, cause your dogs to look at you in disgust or worse, bark loudly in response to the dog that apparently crawled up your ass and is barking for help.
  • When you live on a small island with a small highway do not speed on it. If, by some evil twist of fate you do speed and get pulled over by the cops, do NOT ask them when the last time their radar was calibrated because “surely” I wasn’t going that fast. It does not make them like you more. (that said, I still maintain their radar was mis-calibrated)
  • No matter how lazy you are over a weekend; at some point the dogs will leap on you and make you get up. This is a reason I maintain anyone living alone needs to have a pet. Additionally I have to move around a lot more because I feel if I stay still too long my new cat will attempt to eat me, but that is a story for a different day.

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