>Wednesday. Why?

>Well, I’m fussy. I don’t feel all that great, I’m trying to cut back on my diet coke, and today at work just kinda blew. You know, things don’t work right, but then when you get them back to the office to “fix” them (aka smack them around a little) and I turn them back on and they work just fine. Freakin’ annoying electronics.
I have a list of about 85 things I need to buy at kmart; and well, I am just not emotionally prepared to deal with kmart today. The last time I was at kmart I was there for 2 hours: 40 minutes of which I spent in line; 30 minutes of which I spent wandering aimlessly while they attempted to fix their “system”; and the other 50 minutes I spent trying to obtain items on my list and avoid running children. That’s right, I said running children. Not that I haven’t been tempted to run some of them over but I am still traumatized that at one point a child RAN FULL SPEED INTO MY CART. He almost knocked himself clean out. He looked all shocky and cry-y; I didn’t know what to do. This random (mean) lady said, “oooh honey, did she run over you?” Refusing to appologize for yet another thing I didn’t do I opened my mouth to object when the mother of said speedy child said, “DON’T YOU CODDLE HIM; AND HELL NO THIS NICE LADY DIDN’T RUN INTO HIM–HIS FOOL-ASS RAN INTO HER; MAYBE NOW HE WON’T RUN”. On one hand this little dude totally hit hard, on the other HELLS YA! You tell ’em mother of speedy boy! This nice lady didn’t do nothing wrong. darn it. So, yes. Long story short I now have to defensivly drive my shopping cart. And now you can understand why I am not yet emotionally prepared to go to kmart–it’s exhausting.

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