>Re: holy. crap. I. am. tired.

>Last night started out calm. So calm. So nice. Everyone chillin out.

Then, then it was time for bed. Which apparently in Dooley speak means hunt the cat hiding under the bed.

For 6 hours.

From approximately 8pm to 2am I heard the cat occasionally spit in anger at (poor) Dooley who was just existing with his head stuck halfway under my bed. Every angered spit from the cat caused the dog to jerk and wham his freakin' head into the bed.

To be more specific, he didn't do this for 6 hours straight. He occasionally took a break to hop onto the bed and step on my head. There was one memorable incident when he attempted to SIT on my head.

*sigh* I officially have marmaduke staying at my house.

This morning I woke up with Dooley asleep under my legs taking the complete head of the bed (I had long since turned around to get my face away from Dooley).

My cat is still mad. My dogs are still underwhelmed. I am *tired*.

That's all I have for night one; when Dooley visits. 🙂

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