>Oh. Meh. Gawd.

>So, funny story. Or maybe just so tragic I think its funny?
I was complaining to my landlord about my ridiculous electric bill. Stating perhaps the hot water heater is causing my extreme cost.
So he gave me an on-demand gas hot water heater. In theory more efficient and I am all for it. Now here is where the crazy funny kicks in. My neighbors and I used to share a 6-gallon water heater; but now that is theirs alone.
Okay, cool.
I asked him, so now the electricity from the hot water heater is on their "grid"? He looks at me and says, "uh, no. But don't forget you get that $25 for their usage of it." This is the same as before the gas…
Oh. Okay. So wait. Not only do I now have to pay for additional gas for *my* hot water; but I get to pay for the neighbors' hot water too.
It wouldn't be so funny if it weren't so painful.

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